The harmful effects of aaaa weed on the adolescent brain were linked to a mutation

aaaa weedIt is known that some active users of marijuana and other drugs containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), who began to be attracted to them from adolescence, may develop serious cognitive disorders - memory, attention, etc. - later. In adults, this effect is not detected, and in adolescents it is not always observed.

To find out what factors increase the risk of such disorders, Mikhail Pletnikov and his colleagues from Johns Hopkins University Medical School turned to genetics. They were interested in the possible role of the DISC1 gene, in which mutations are associated with a wide variety of mental diseases, from schizophrenia to depression and bipolar disorder. 

Animals of "teenage" age (30 days) were injected with 8 mg/kg THC every day for three weeks, simulating daily consumption of marijuana. The scientists then maintained a three-week pause and evaluated cognitive function in experimental and control rodents. "In fact, we gave them 'relaxation' in adolescence, then we gave them to mature to youth, as a person - closer to his 20-30 years, when cognitive problems may begin to appear," - says Mikhail Pletnikov.

aaaa weedIn fact, mice of the control group, despite injections of THC, showed good memory and natural curiosity in studying new subjects. The memory of DISC1-negative mice turned out to be much worse, and this effect was brighter in males, which is quite unexpected because in humans the negative effect of marijuana abuse in adolescence is more frequent among women. This difference has yet to be explained.

However, scientists have been able to show that mice are only affected by the effects of THC on astrocytes carrying the mutant gene DISC1. It has been shown that more than fifty genes involved in the mechanisms of inflammation are involved in these cells, which perform an auxiliary function in the brain. And indeed: if DISC1 mutant mice were given anti-inflammatory drugs half an hour before the injection of THC, scientists did not develop cognitive problems later.

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