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ice wreck strain cbd shopPart of the analgesic effect of marijuana is that in some people it reduces anxiety and anxiety, improves mood and acts as a sedative. A similar effect is also observed in people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy when vomiting reflexes, nausea and dizziness are suppressed. So far, however, the evaluation of the results of the use of marijuana to eliminate mental symptoms and treat psychiatric disorders cannot be considered unequivocal and definitive. In part, this is due to the fact that the drug may have different effects on the brain and nervous system, depending on the dose and congenital genetic characteristics. Much more is known about the mental health risks associated with the use of marijuana than about its benefits, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

Scientific evidence suggests that one in nine people who smoke marijuana regularly has symptoms of addiction. Studies on animals and humans indicate that marijuana is an addictive substance, especially when used regularly for long periods. Specialists are also concerned about the recent increase in natural, herbal and marijuana THC concentrations. In the US, THC concentrations in outdoor marijuana previously ranged from 1 to 4% of total chemical volume; by 2003, the average THC concentration had increased to 7%.
Similar trends have been reported in Europe. Research suggests that marijuana is a 'preparatory' mild drug that encourages people to experiment with heavier drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

ice wreck strain cbd shopWhile many recreational users of marijuana claim that smoking marijuana soothes them, the opposite effect is often observed. In fact, the most common side effects of smoking marijuana are marked anxiety and panic attacks. Studies show that about 20-30% of recreational consumers experience similar problems after smoking marijuana. The most vulnerable are people who have never taken marijuana before.

The dose of THC is also important. In low doses, it can have a calming, sedative effect. However, in higher doses, the substance can cause marked anxiety attacks. Although it is not known whether marijuana increases the risk of developing permanent anxiety disorder. Observations are still counterproductive. Studies that have ice wreck strain studied recreational consumers indicate that many have suffered from anxiety states, and it is difficult to determine what lies at the heart of this relationship. Possible options are: deviations in choice (anxious people are more likely to use marijuana), the phenomenon of propensity (marijuana smokers feel worse when they stop using it) and other cbd shop causes (genetic vulnerability, predisposition).

Having your Medical Marijuana card allows you to legally consume and grow Marijuana in the state of Nevada. With our doctor's consultation and your approved application, you will be protected by the law.



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