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Hemp management

Sown hemp is a food and technical plant. Its seeds contain 30 - 35 % of excellent fatty oil of dark yellow-green color.

It is inferior to sunflower and linseed oil in nutritional qualities. For culinary use, it is purified (refined). The bulk of hemp oil now goes to the production of oil, varnish, paint.

It is also used in soap making. In the XVIII - XIX centuries the streets of our major cities, in particular Moscow, were lit by lamps filled with hemp oil.

Remaining after oil squeezing from cake seeds is a sativa weed concentrated feed for livestock.
In the hungry years, it saved lives and people.Hemp management

Hemp seed is a favorite feed for many singing and ornamental birds.

But it's not just oil that's obtained from hemp. It's one of the best spinning plants, and it's also one of the first to give a man durable clothes.

Hemp fibre is quite rough, in Russia it's called hemp. The hemp differs favorably from linen fiber and cotton with greater strength and resistance against rotting.

For this reason, hemp fiber is indispensable for the manufacture of things and materials that are constantly in a humid environment, such as sails, fishing nets, sea ropes, tents, fire hoses, etc.

Hemp fibre is used to make tarpaulins, sails, sacks, other packaging, twine, drive belts. In a word, nowadays hemp fabrics have mainly technical purpose.

But hemp fibre is also suitable for making thinner linen fabric, towels, tablecloths.

The waste produced by processing hemp fibres is called oakles. It is hemp filamented by the log walls of houses. Bags are used to move fragile things when they are transported, such as dishes. Bags are an excellent material for wiping machines and mechanisms.

Back in the XIX century it was noticed that people who collected hemp sometimes have strange sensations; it turned out that hemp is a drug.

Baudelaire described these sensations in his "Artificial Paradise" as follows: "It seems that from hemp plantings an unknown spirit rises, causing dizziness, spinning around his feet and then sneaking up on his brain. It is as if vortices burst into the head of the collector, and sometimes the collector plunges into thoughtfulness. The cocks weaken and refuse to serve".

Alas! It's not only the useful qualities that have made the hemp famous. Moreover, now this plant can not claim to be particularly popular because of its fibers and oil - there are enough other equally valuable substitutes, both natural and artificial origin.

Nevertheless, it is known to the whole world. To be more precise, the world knows marijuana, hashish, anasha, and all these "delights" are nothing more than products obtained from a truly wonderful plant.Hemp management

Hemp synthesizes and, of course, accumulates in the leaves, especially in the upper ones adjoining the flowers, resinous cannabin oil and other substances of different chemical nature, which have a characteristic odour and have the ability to cause a pleasant excitement (euphoria) in humans.

The tops of flowering hemp have long been valued as a good painkiller. But it turned out that to the "blissful" state, which bring these substances, a man quickly gets used to such that he becomes a slave to them, he constantly needs to replenish them in the body.

Now we call these substances and the products containing them drugs, we clearly speak about their harm to the human body, especially destructive to the psyche.

Although marijuana and other drugs derived from cannabis are among the least harmful and dangerous to health (in any case, their effect is not commensurate with the harmful effects of heroin and other drugs from poppy, and even more so from ergot), but it is also a special danger - develops carelessness.

It all starts with seemingly unsettling few puffs of marijuana (hemp drugs are usually smoked, while other potions of this kind are taken orally or injected directly into the blood), and ends in the same - the collapse of personality. Hemp is an orderly in the garden. On the trees in the garden there is no aphids, apple https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/sativa-indica-and-hybrid-differences-between-cannabis-types fruit, potatoes are not infected with phytoflora, if there are plantings of hemp. Bees don't get infected by a tick.

Having your Medical Marijuana card allows you to legally consume and grow Marijuana in the state of Nevada. With our doctor's consultation and your approved application, you will be protected by the law.



Enjoyed working with them. Fast and easy. Thank You... -Budpar


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We believe in the ethical right to grow medical marijuana. Medical cannabis is 100% legal for medical purposes in the State of Nevada once you are approved for a medical marijuana card. Marijuana is a natural pain remedy that has been used for over 5,000 years and has never been known to kill a human being.

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